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Global Communications Art and Essay Contest

Middle and high school students in the Southeastern United States (AL, FL, GA, SC, and TN) are invited to submit an original work of art and/or written composition on the theme of “The Human Footprint on the Environment: Impacts and Solutions.”

See more information atIstanbul Center/Art Essay.ORG

Here are some of the questions from their brainstorming worksheet:

1. How do humans affect the environment? Are the effects positive, negative, or both?
2. Why is the human footprint on the environment a problem?
3. Are humans separate from the environment, or are they interconnected? Is balance between the two possible?
4. How are air quality and even the availability of clean water being affected by the human footprint on the environment?
5. What effect can one person have regarding the human footprint on the environment and reducing its effects? What effects can a community have on such issues?

Calling Apprentice Word Inventors!

Interesting post

Scholastic has a contest for artists and writers!