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Science Fair

The science fair will be on December 8th! Judging will be on the 8th and then the fair will be open to the public on the 9th. The fair will be held in Holcomb Bridge Middle School media center.

Science Fair

The students are doing an excellent job on their science fair project. The students should be doing their second experiment now and their write up for experiment two is due on Tuesday October 18.


Science Fair has become

 I wanted to announce that the science fair has started! The kids have to have their science fair topic approved by me by September 8th. We were in the media center today and will be in their Tuesday to research topics for the science fair. This is the hardest part of the science fair picking a topic that is challenging and in the guide lines of the ISEF council. I gave the students the web site for ideas for topics it is and also the ISEF web site. If possible have your child work on generating a topic that is at lease an 8 level and ready for my approval.

Have a great restful weekend.

Mrs. Higgins