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The next assessment will be during the week of February 27 through March 1

We will be having an assessment for unit 4 which encompasses chapters 8, 9, and 10 the week of February 27th through March 2nd. During this week we will be having CRCT practice in the morning so the schedule will be different from the usual schedule.

The plan is…

Wednesday 2/22 study guide will be given to the students

Review for the assessment will be on February 27th for class periods 5th , 7th, and 4th .

Review for the assessment will be on February 28th for class periods 3rd and 8th

Test will be on February 28th for class periods 5th and 7th

Test will be on February 29th for class periods 4th and 3rd

Test will be on March 1st for 8th period


Mrs. Higgins

Mrs. Higgins Physical Science

We are now studying unit 2, energy and the different forms of energy. The students need to be reviewing their notes on a regular basis and reading the sections assigned to them in a chapter.So that when they have a test they are prepared for it.

My help sessions are on Monday and Wednesday from 3:10 till 4:20 and Wednesday morning 7:10 till 7:30.

Mrs. Higgins Physical Science

In science we are studying simple machines and next week we will be going into energy and the different forms of energy.

assessment chapter 5 on Tuesday December 13

Science Fair

The science fair will be on December 8th! Judging will be on the 8th and then the fair will be open to the public on the 9th. The fair will be held in Holcomb Bridge Middle School media center.

Physical Science

We just had a common assessment on Tuesday October 11th covering chapter 2 and chapter 3 in the text book. We are starting chapter 4 covering elements, compounds, and mixtures.

Science Fair

The students are doing an excellent job on their science fair project. The students should be doing their second experiment now and their write up for experiment two is due on Tuesday October 18.