Snowy Flipped Classroom//2/26

Hello again,

Hopefully, everyone is finding things to do to stay busy indoors.  Or maybe you’re spending winter time with your families?

Here’s today:

1.  Do your regular warm up.

2.  We’ve looked at some classic poets.  Consider who the poets are writing poetry TODAY.  Like yesterday, let’s explore a few of those.  We’ll follow the same “close read” structure we did in class:

–First reading, then discuss (maybe with a brother or sister or a friend or parent)

–Second reading, then write–note what you think the poem MEANS (theme)

–Third reading, then write–POST a comment about the poet and what you think his or her message is. Don’t forget to include the author and title.

Your Options:

Alicia Keys reads a poem from her book

This might make you dizzy, the crazy ruling the world

A 12-year-old wows the world with her poem

Savannah Brown reads about what it’s like to be a girl*

Darren Arthur reads at Teen Poetry Slam Finals, 2013*

Jeff Abiera shares about Chicago

GetLit Girls share poem *

*Edgier?  High school-ish.  Get permission.

25 responses to “Snowy Flipped Classroom//2/26

  1. I watched “Forgotten” by Kioni Marshall, and I think she is trying to express her feelings about something that she is trying to forget, but she can’t. Kioni talks about how even the forgetful people don’t forget some things. I think that means that she is forgetful, but she did something that even she can not forget.

    • Nice job remembering to use quotation marks around titles of short works. What do you think she means when she says, “but I already knew that the forgetful have never forgotten?”

  2. Prisoner of words unsaid- Alicia Keys
    i think what she was trying to say that alot of people hold back what they really want to say to people because they dont want to hurt them and then they get trapped becasue people dont expect them to say hurtful things so they keep on saying things they dont really want to say so they dont hurt the other peoples feelings.

  3. I dd the 12 year old girl who’s poem shocked the world. I think the theme is that it’s best to put te past behind us because when she says “but still we shake hands still remembering that we’re enemies still not friends, but to begin” it means to me that they try to begin again with a fresh start. My comment is that I think this 12 year old girl is so young, yet so powerful when she writes. She uses likenesses with her words and it moves many people.

  4. I watched the slam poem by Savannah brown. I think she’s expressing what society has formed us to think. What the boundaries and set lines are, especially for girls. How there are defined levels and points to which we have to get. She expresses that she believes that the set rules for us aren’t what define us. She says how waistlines and size of body parts don’t define us. What matters are our thoughts that we think and the “daring dreams which we dream.” That’s what matters. She expresses how we are born into a world where society takes us and forms us into what it thinks we should be, and that that’s not how it should be. She expresses her thoughts on how we are all a treasure whether we think it or not. I loved the idea behind this so much.

  5. Savannah brown- what guys look for in girls
    Her message is that girls shouldn’t have to try to be something


    not. They shouldn’t have to live up to such high expectations to impress anybody. There’s no point of trying to create an image for yourself that your not happy with

    • Ok. Be careful about using your best punctuation, etc., in class writings–even when they’re online. Challenge: write a guy version. What expectations do you think the media/world puts on guys?

  6. I watched “Crazy People Will One Day Rule The World” by SuliBreezy. I think the theme he is trying to convey is that leaders are usually ones who go beyond the mental confinements most live in. In the poem, this theme is stated best when he says: “…Mad men will one day rule the world because they have visions and intuitions rather than persistence in traditions, decisions, and inhibitions, dictated by intermissions still waiting to be commissioned.” My opinion about SuliBreezy is that he uses very fitting word music, as it shows in the quote above, to send out a very critical message to us, as citizens of this planet, that we should, as he states it: “…perceive what others deemed impossible.”

  7. Luke Van Dresser

    Savannah Brown- What Guys look for in Girls

    I believe her message is that females should be comfortable in there own skin, no matter who says otherwise. You are your own unique person who has


    own unique set of qualities. You do you, you know what I’m sayin?

    • L, Watch out for there/they’re/their. I’ll give you the same challenge I gave Kaleb: write a guy version of this. What expectations do you think society places on guys?

  8. Christina Fabrizio

    “Tears for Water” by Alicia Keys: the message the author is trying to convey here is that it is important to express yourself and to speak your mind.

  9. Forgotten by Kioni Marshall
    In the beginning of her poem she talked about how bad things sounded inviting to her. She wasn’t proud of it, but it took her by surprise how much she liked it. The she said one day she crossed paths with good. They just gave a curteous handshake, and then good offered a new beginning for her old life and start a new one.She leaped at the opportunity and said she won’t forget the life she left behind, but will embrace the new one with open arms. i think she is trying to say that no matter what you did before you can always change. She also told us to not forget your past because it is a part of you still even if you go down a different path.

  10. I watched “Tears of Water” by Alicia Keys. I think the message in her poem is to express yourself, instead of keeping things bottled up. One of the lines are, “…there’s nowhere to run, where you’ve caged yourself, by holding your tongue.” I think that means that you have so much to say, since all of your bottled up thoughts keep bothering you, but you just won’t say them. Like your afraid to express yourself. I think this was a very powerful poem.

  11. The poem “Forgotten” by Kioni Marshall was written for the purpose of sharing feelings. The author talks about her painful feelings and disputes with others. She talks about how, when she meets others, they shake her hand as if any argument was forgotten (hence the title). She talks about coping with her feelings, also, and personifies her feelings.

  12. I watched “Forgotten” by Kioni Marshall. I think she is trying to say that the forgotten are angry. They tend to lead to violence. In the poem she says ” I feel with my hand that cool around anger I touch it and it feels like silk to me” basically this says how inviting anger seems when everyone else has forgotten.

  13. I watched the Slam Finals by Darren Arthur. I think he grew up in poverty and he wants to let it all out by using poetry and sharing it. He writes his poetry about his time as a kid and the experiences of the poverty.

  14. I watched GetLit Girls share poem. I think that the girls are trying to express how there is darkness in light. In the poem, the girls talk about problems in the world that are overlooked or or forbidden. They are faced in this way because we want to forget the things that we don’t want to remember. We believe we are doing the right thing, but we are hiding parts of life and history. Overall, I think that this was a very powerful poem.

  15. I watched “Prisoner of Words Unsaid” by Alicia Keys.It was a very powerful and inspirational poem about how sometimes you just need to express how you feel, just say what you want to say. She has locked herself inside of a cage because she has too many feelings and things that she kept locked up inside of her instead of just speaking then aloud.In the video she says, ” I should start to speak, but i stop and stay silent.” She could be afraid to say how she really feels because she doesn’t want to hurt others. She told us not to keep everything inside, or you will become a prisoner of your own unsaid words.

  16. I watched the Getlit girls poem. I think that the message these three girls were trying to share is that hiding something will not make it go away. Just because something isn’t teached, doesn’t mean that it will go away and make it right. In the poem, they talk about how a mall was built over the bones of many different people/races. They imply that building a mall to try to hide something bad is not the right way to correct our mistakes. They also mention how schools are not allowing children to read some books because of foul language, but kids are still exposed to this because it is part of life. I think that this poem was very strong and I liked the way the girls presented it.

  17. I watched to poem “this might make you dizzy, the crazy ruling the world.” The poet has a clear message that violence is taking over the world. He urges people to stop, and take a look around. Replace all the bad with the good you can do.

  18. Marianne Lamarche

    I watched “What Guys Look for In Girls” by Savannah Brown. I had already seen this video a few times and I really like it because I think she is making such a valid point about the unrealistic standards that society places on girls and how much it can hurt to hate yourself for things that shouldn’t even matter. She is saying that we have to learn to love who we are because “at the end of everything that’s all you have left… Not your body, because eventually that will go bad too no matter what you do.” I love how she mentions that we are worth more than our physical appearance (“you are the beautiful thoughts you think.”) It’s a great, empowering poem about how girls are placed under too much pressure to be physically perfect when what really matters is who we are on the inside.

  19. I watched “Prisoner of words” by Alicia Keys. It was very inspiring to never be quiet, if you do it will store up inside of you and it will hurt you more than others.

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