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Snowy Flipped Classroom//2/26

Hello again,

Hopefully, everyone is finding things to do to stay busy indoors.  Or maybe you’re spending winter time with your families?

Here’s today:

1.  Do your regular warm up.

2.  We’ve looked at some classic poets.  Consider who the poets are writing poetry TODAY.  Like yesterday, let’s explore a few of those.  We’ll follow the same “close read” structure we did in class:

–First reading, then discuss (maybe with a brother or sister or a friend or parent)

–Second reading, then write–note what you think the poem MEANS (theme)

–Third reading, then write–POST a comment about the poet and what you think his or her message is. Don’t forget to include the author and title.

Your Options:

Alicia Keys reads a poem from her book

This might make you dizzy, the crazy ruling the world

A 12-year-old wows the world with her poem

Savannah Brown reads about what it’s like to be a girl*

Darren Arthur reads at Teen Poetry Slam Finals, 2013*

Jeff Abiera shares about Chicago

GetLit Girls share poem *

*Edgier?  High school-ish.  Get permission.

Snowy Flipped Classroom//2/25

Hey All,

I hope you’re warm and safe!  We’re going to have class at home today, so here’s what I’ve pulled together for you to explore.  Remember, with Common Core, we’re all about real life–instead of just looking at bubbles on a test document, we want mulitple sources!  

In class, we finished our poetry notes, so we have the language we need to ANALYZE some poetry.

Directions:  Pick one of the poets below.  Read three of his or her poems.  Then, post a comment on this blog post explaining what the poems have in common.  Use the constructs from our notes.  For example, you might say —

“Wake”, “Dreams”, and “Life is Fine” all include beats that repeat.  For example, in “Life is Fine,” Hughes uses a 7/6/7/6 pattern of syllables in each of his stanzas.  This pattern creates a beat that makes his poems feel like music.  In “Dreams,” Hughes uses a collection of one-syllable words: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly.”

Carl Sandburg: Fog, Arithmetic*, Between Two Hills, Sphinx*

Nikki Giovanni: Legacies, The Drum, A Journey, Choices*

Walter de la Mare: Me, Silver, The Listeners, All But Blind*

Naomi Shihab Nye: Famous*, The Riders, The Art of Disappearing,

Christina Rossetti: Flint*, Uphill, What is Pink, Mix a Pancake

If there is a different poet whose poetry you’d like to explore, feel free!  Just make sure to include the author and titles in your comment.

***My favorite poems in this group