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Calendar for the Duration

Hey All,
Here’s what’s on my board if you’d like easy access to it. This is the rest of the year, except FINALS!! 🙂 Let’s make these days count.

may calendar

A little something extra for those who follow the website:


How can I express information in a visual way?

Here are some of your creations:
Courage AssignmentLil

How does setting influence a work?

ImpressionsIn class today, we explored the way time and place influence works. Here’s a great production that highlights some of 2012’s big moments.

We used this Impressions Handout to guide our discussion about today’s setting.

Then, we passed a series of primary source documents (30) from The Great Depression and evaluated how that time and place might impact works of literature.

Portfolio Start

2013 Middle School Writing Portfolio ProjectLadies and Gentlemen,

Here’s your portfolio packet. This will be a major project grade and hopefully, something you find valuable. Please let me know what questions you have! 🙂

The Official Eighth-Grade CRCT Study Guide

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend! I know everyone is sitting outside in his or her (<—-Did you catch that sneaky singular??) lawn chair thinking, "I wish Ms. Chaffin had given us CRCT practice to complete over Spring Break!" Well, have no fear! Your practice is here! This study guide has been updated by the State Board of Education to reflect our new Common Core Standards, and it gives you a little taste of CRCT in ALL subjects. I will not be printing the whole thing for you (paper! gah!), but it would serve you well to browse through it and make sure you're prepared to answer all questions that look like this. Enjoy!

The Official Eighth-Grade CRCT Study Guide

ELA starts on page 24. Don’t forget about Reading and your other subjects!

Parents, in case you have children in other grades, I’m linking the parent site for you below.