Differentiated “Help Me!!” Week

Monday: We took a pre-test to determine where your weaknesses are as a class and individually.

Tuesday: Today, we looked at data and made a plan to remediate as a class and individually.

Wednesday and Thursday: Depending on which questions you missed on the pre-test, you’re completing a series of exercises in class. These will help you master the area we discovered was weak. I’ll interrupt your progress for two 5-minute help sessions on whole class weaknesses.

Friday: If needed, we’ll spend time on a few more help sessions. Then, we’ll take a quiz. The quiz will be made up of the “most missed” questions from the pretest. If our week of differentiation is actually effective, you should ace this quiz with no problem.

Here is the pretest (WITH ANSWERS as we’ve already taken it). Use it to study for the quiz Friday. Following the pretest are some of the best exercises that I’ve found. We’re working on these this week.
Proofreading, Revising, and Editing from Macomb Intermediate School District in Michigan

Want practice for the topics below? Here’s a link to Glencoe’s entire 8th grade workbook!! I’ve included page numbers for the topics, so just scroll down.

So far, among all classes, the top help sessions are:
1. “Sneaky Singular” (Indefinite) Pronouns
This was an eighth-grade standard under GPS, but it’s not a Common Core Standard, so we haven’t practiced this yet! Let’s not let this learning slip through the cracks. **Pages 19 and 41**

2. Participial Phrases
AaaaaaaH! We’ve been working on this and working on this. I’m going to hunt around and find out what some other great teachers are doing to teach this, and we’re going to get it this time! **Page 36**

3. Punctuation
We’ve yet to master dashes, the elusive ellipsis, and COMMAS. 🙂 Let’s tackle those. **Pages 43-51**

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