From Mrs. Schroerlucke

Taking our pulse

Mrs. Schroerlucke frequently speaks of having the pulse on every child at Holcomb Bridge Middle. She uses this metaphor to describe our practice of standards based instruction and assessment and comprehensive progress monitoring of student achievement. Last week students took Checkpoints assessments, or practice CRCT tests, in each academic content area. Teachers will be providing students with detailed reports that show the level of mastery for each tested standard. This information will also be discussed in G.A.T.E. on Wednesday morning, and students will bring home an individual data report that gives overall results as well as links to web-based CRCT practice sites and login and password information. We strongly encourage you to look at your child’s data and to require some extra practice time at home on weak areas as we count down to CRCT on early April. If our academic pulse is weak, we need to treat the problem! Thank you for your support as we work towards another year of increased student achievement worthy of a Georgia School of Excellence and a Lighthouse School to Watch!

Kathleen Harper
Data Support Specialist

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