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Punctuation Temptation

Punctuation Temptation Rubric and Instructions

Punctuation Temptation Guided Letter

In Advanced classes, as a creative exercise and as punctuation review, we created a love letter mini-project from YOU to one of the punctuation marks on our list.

Differentiated “Help Me!!” Week

Monday: We took a pre-test to determine where your weaknesses are as a class and individually.

Tuesday: Today, we looked at data and made a plan to remediate as a class and individually.

Wednesday and Thursday: Depending on which questions you missed on the pre-test, you’re completing a series of exercises in class. These will help you master the area we discovered was weak. I’ll interrupt your progress for two 5-minute help sessions on whole class weaknesses.

Friday: If needed, we’ll spend time on a few more help sessions. Then, we’ll take a quiz. The quiz will be made up of the “most missed” questions from the pretest. If our week of differentiation is actually effective, you should ace this quiz with no problem.

Here is the pretest (WITH ANSWERS as we’ve already taken it). Use it to study for the quiz Friday. Following the pretest are some of the best exercises that I’ve found. We’re working on these this week.
Proofreading, Revising, and Editing from Macomb Intermediate School District in Michigan

Want practice for the topics below? Here’s a link to Glencoe’s entire 8th grade workbook!! I’ve included page numbers for the topics, so just scroll down.

So far, among all classes, the top help sessions are:
1. “Sneaky Singular” (Indefinite) Pronouns
This was an eighth-grade standard under GPS, but it’s not a Common Core Standard, so we haven’t practiced this yet! Let’s not let this learning slip through the cracks. **Pages 19 and 41**

2. Participial Phrases
AaaaaaaH! We’ve been working on this and working on this. I’m going to hunt around and find out what some other great teachers are doing to teach this, and we’re going to get it this time! **Page 36**

3. Punctuation
We’ve yet to master dashes, the elusive ellipsis, and COMMAS. 🙂 Let’s tackle those. **Pages 43-51**

Exploring Verb Moods

What’s a mood anyway?
This video has pretty bad sound, but it’s helpful.

Today in class, we evaluated our progress on understanding verb moods.

Exploring Great Poets

Today in class, you’ll have the chance to explore the great poets that have made their way into our anthology. John Greenleaf Whittier, Langston Hughes, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Dickinson, and Robert Frost are just a few.

We don’t spend a lot of time in our textbook in this class, but there’s a reason a committee of people decided to include these works in the anthology. Pick two long or four short works, read them, and see if you can answer the first three questions that follow.

If you’re absent, here’s the guide.

One Book Bake Sale–Fundraiser for South Sudan

One Book FlyerClick for a file with higher resolution

Today–Catching Up

Mr. A’s Awesome Active/Passive Voice Powerpoint

We used part of this in class. Use it to help you study! We will have our common quiz on Tuesday. This will give you Monday and Tuesday morning to get help if you need it.

From Mrs. Schroerlucke

Taking our pulse

Mrs. Schroerlucke frequently speaks of having the pulse on every child at Holcomb Bridge Middle. She uses this metaphor to describe our practice of standards based instruction and assessment and comprehensive progress monitoring of student achievement. Last week students took Checkpoints assessments, or practice CRCT tests, in each academic content area. Teachers will be providing students with detailed reports that show the level of mastery for each tested standard. This information will also be discussed in G.A.T.E. on Wednesday morning, and students will bring home an individual data report that gives overall results as well as links to web-based CRCT practice sites and login and password information. We strongly encourage you to look at your child’s data and to require some extra practice time at home on weak areas as we count down to CRCT on early April. If our academic pulse is weak, we need to treat the problem! Thank you for your support as we work towards another year of increased student achievement worthy of a Georgia School of Excellence and a Lighthouse School to Watch!

Kathleen Harper
Data Support Specialist