GWA Day Burned Ink. It’s Over. <—-Six-Word Memoir

Good Afternoon, All.

Today, we had a “between units” day, so I decided to dip into narratives for a day. 826 is one of my favorite non-profits related to writing and our youth. I noticed the other night on their Twitter feed that they were challenging the world to write memoirs in only six words.

The art of shrinking and expanding our ideas is a higher-order exercise. How easy is it for you to take paragraphs of words and capture the heart of their message in a single sentence? How easy is it to expand a single sentence with details and data so that you finish with paragraphs of words. It’s a skill, but it’s an important one! So, here’s thepractice we started in class.

It’s due tomorrow. See you then. 🙂


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