Class Lately

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. — Carol Burnett

Students and Parents,

Wow! Whatta week! I appreciate all the generous and helpful students who have helped me navigate the halls and the tight rows of the classroom with my broken foot paraphernelia!

T-Minus ONE CLASS DAY until the Georgia Writing Assessment. Tuesday, we’ll have one last hurrah practicing getting great ideas onto paper quickly, and then Wednesday, we’ll begin the day in our 5th period classes, taking that Georgia Writing Assessment once-and-for-all! Please try to get sleep the night before, eat breakfast, and be to school by 7:35 that day, so we can get it done and get it done right! 🙂

After the GWA, we will begin digging into READING for the rest of January. Class will look like book club, and we will practice pre-AP strategies to analyze what we read and discuss on a deeper level.

Looking forward to it.

Don’t forget: You do have a quick homework assignment for the three-day weekend: It’s a Scope ambiguous pronoun/Homophone exercise. Most of you finished it in class.

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