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EmB, Today’s Goals, and Tomorrow’s Plans

I know there’s something I’m supposed to post for you, but I can’t remember what it is.

Today in class, we explored digging deeper into literature and becoming the kind of readers who see past the surface summaries and baseline connections to the symbolism, character development, irony, and other elements that authors weave into their works.

Tomorrow, each class has a bit of a different plan.

In 7th, if you behave for the substitute, you’ll watch a good portion of a film about three guys from a rough city who make a plan to break free and use education to make their lives, and the lives of the people in their city, better. Compare their story to what you know so far about the main characters in your novel–how does their relationship with the community compare with Esperanza’s? Ponyboy’s?

In 8th, you have a reading quiz on chapters one and two. I have found one book in the hallway already and another student returned a second book, so if you’re missing your book, it could be yours. After the quiz, you’ll complete a discussion slip, have a short discussion, and continue reading.

In 5th, 3rd, and 4th, you’ll complete a character analysis for one of the main characters based on a short excerpt from the book that I’ll have for you. One more day to get your book! 🙂

See everyone on Wednesday, foot willing!


Confession of the Crutchie Chaff

Ok All,

In honor of my mini-backpack, which must carry all items I want to transport from here-to-there, for those classes that have not received their novel assignments, go ahead and assume you have your first choice! We’re going to make that work beautifully! Thanks for your grace as I invent new organization systems for myself, so I can keep us on track solo-footed. 🙂

Monday, we’re going to do a close-reading activity, so it will not be critical for you to have your book until Tuesday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


A Novel Field Trip

Today in class, we did a sample activity from each of our four novel choices to give you a better “taste” of what each will be like to experience. You finalized your voting cards, and I’m attempting to get all the groups posted per class period by the end of the evening. Monday, you’ll get your literature circle packet which will detail the calendar and all the assignments required for this unit.

I’m hoping you love these books and your time discussing great ideas with your peers. Let’s do this!

Students, remember to share the voting sheet with parents and really give them some time to explore reviews, read the books, or talk to friends and decide which book they most support your reading.

Coded Lit Circle Assignments

4th Period






Cannery 3

GWA Day Burned Ink. It’s Over. <—-Six-Word Memoir

Good Afternoon, All.

Today, we had a “between units” day, so I decided to dip into narratives for a day. 826 is one of my favorite non-profits related to writing and our youth. I noticed the other night on their Twitter feed that they were challenging the world to write memoirs in only six words.

The art of shrinking and expanding our ideas is a higher-order exercise. How easy is it for you to take paragraphs of words and capture the heart of their message in a single sentence? How easy is it to expand a single sentence with details and data so that you finish with paragraphs of words. It’s a skill, but it’s an important one! So, here’s thepractice we started in class.

It’s due tomorrow. See you then. 🙂


Class Lately

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. — Carol Burnett

Students and Parents,

Wow! Whatta week! I appreciate all the generous and helpful students who have helped me navigate the halls and the tight rows of the classroom with my broken foot paraphernelia!

T-Minus ONE CLASS DAY until the Georgia Writing Assessment. Tuesday, we’ll have one last hurrah practicing getting great ideas onto paper quickly, and then Wednesday, we’ll begin the day in our 5th period classes, taking that Georgia Writing Assessment once-and-for-all! Please try to get sleep the night before, eat breakfast, and be to school by 7:35 that day, so we can get it done and get it done right! 🙂

After the GWA, we will begin digging into READING for the rest of January. Class will look like book club, and we will practice pre-AP strategies to analyze what we read and discuss on a deeper level.

Looking forward to it.

Don’t forget: You do have a quick homework assignment for the three-day weekend: It’s a Scope ambiguous pronoun/Homophone exercise. Most of you finished it in class.

Invitation to Title I Committee Meeting

All parents, faculty/staff, and community members are invited to participate in our the next Title I Committee meeting January 29th of 2013 at 3:15pm in Room 206.

Title 1 Committee Meeting
Who: All committee members and anyone that would like to join the committee

What: We will review some documents pertaining to Title I at this time: Parent Involvement Policy, Parent workshops/events, School/Parent Compact, Budget

If you would like additional information, please contact: Andrea Rocha at 770- 594 5280 ext. 143 or at