Final Exam Review

My school computer is functional again!!  It’s amazing how much easier this makes keeping up with posts, etc.!  Here’s my sneaky (not so sneaky) plan for helping you review this year.  I’m assigning a different study strategy and “homework” piece each night to try to help you space out your studying during the week before the final exam.  Each assignment will take between 10 and 40-minutes and should help you prepare for a different section of the language arts exam.  Here’s what we’ve done so far.





 Verbals (Infinitives, Gerunds, Participles and their functions)

 Complete practice problems– This works in math, too. 


 Skill: Summarizing

 Complete a summary of what you read.  This works in social studies and science, too.  If you can summarize key points, you can be pretty sure you understand a concept.


 Skill: Comparing texts and points-of-view and answering essay questions

 Predict what essay questions the teacher might include on the exam and answer them!  Even if the essay question doesn’t appear on the test, odds are the concepts will be addressed in a multiple-choice or short answer question!

 Stay tuned for tomorrow and Friday’s skill-building homework assignments! 


Remember:  Please make sure your composition notebook is in the classroom when you leave for break.  I will be scoring those over the holiday.




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