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Final Exams


Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am asking you to continue supporting your student’s academic success by supporting the final exam schedule at Holcomb Bridge Middle School. Please be aware of the times so students are in ALL EXAMS the entire time. Please do not check your student out early or leave for the holidays earlier than the last day of exams at 2:55pm on Wednesday, December 19th.

You and I have always partnered in the world class education of your student. You and I have placed our emphasis on CCGPS Standards of knowledge this fall semester… and the semester does not end until 2:55pm on Wednesday, December 19th. Once again, I am asking your support. Graduations for the classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019 begin here at Holcomb Bridge! Academic discipline, habits and schedules for exams are a vital part of middle school, high school and college success.

Thank you for being my partner!

Joy Schroerlucke


Monday, December 17: 5th period exam

Tuesday, December 18: 3rd period exam, 7th period exam, 1st period exam

Wednesday, December 19: 4th period exam, 8th period exam, 2nd period exam


Queridos Padres o Tutores,

Les pido que continuen respaldando el éxito académico de sus hijos a través del apoyo del horario de exámenes finales de la secundaria Holcomb Bridge. Por favor revise los horarios para que sus hijos estén presentes en TODOS LOS EXAMENES en el tiempo correspondiente. Por favor no saque a su hijo temprano de la escuela antes de finalizar el día o salga de viaje debido a las fiestas de fin de año más temprano de lo estipulado el día Miércoles 19 de Diciembre a las 2:55pm.

Usted y yo siempre nos hemos asociado en una educación de nivel mundial para su hijo. Usted y yo hemos puesto nuestro enfoque en los Estándares CCGPS de conocimiento (Common Core Georgia Performance Standars – Estándares básicos comunes del desempeño del estado de Georgia) este semestre de otoño… y el semestre no finaliza sino hasta las 2:55pm el Miércoles 19 de Diciembre. Una vez más le pido su apoyo. Los graduandos del año 2017, 2018 y 2019 inician su trabajo aquí en Holcomb Bridge!

La disciplina académica, habitos y horarios de los examines son una parte vital en el éxito de la escuela secundaria, la preparatoria y la universidad.

Gracias por ser mi socio!

Joy Schroerlucke

Deeper Thinking by Looking at the Pieces

Today, we analyzed antique advertisements, working like detectives to find the main idea from all the pieces. Here’s a link to Duke University’s amazing collection of old ads: Emergence of Advertising in America

Metaphors: Thinking Deeper Homework

Mr. Wasko’s Complete, 11-Minute Video

Hey All,

Here’s where you post your homework. Please click “comment” below and respond to the “taking the bull by the horns” comment from the movie Dodgeball. You can find the clip at the 5:13 mark if you want to refresh your memory.

What does the metaphor mean?
What does it say about someone who is willing to take a bull by the horns?
What kind of mood would it create for your reader if you used an expression like that in your writing?

Have a good day off! Go, Falcons! Go Vote! 🙂


Ms. Chaffin

Wow, Writers!


It’s Sunday night, and I’m writing lesson plans and catching up with the gradebook (as I do most Sundays). I’ve been looking through your soldier letters, and I am so impressed with the depth of thought you put into these letters! I’m proud of you!

I’m also checking in on Shelfari. If you have any questions about adding the discussion group, please email me! I’ll be giving you points for your part on the discussion thread about Night.