To Catch a Zimmergee

is an infinitive phrase. If you were in class today, you knew where I was going with that; didn’t you? 🙂

Here are Oct 22 Warm Upsfor this week. Notice the dialect practice. Without background experience/knowledge of dialects, sometimes they’re tough to read. For fun, here is a video from Amy Walker (See what you think!!) that highlight different dialects:


We also practiced identifying infinitive phrases, and we began writing an infinitive phrase poem. The example poem we looked at in class used Bruno from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas as inspiration. I’m working on two: one with Emily Dickinson as inspiration and one with Derrick Rose as the focus. We’ll see which turns out better. You could pick your character from a book, history, mythology, modern arts, Hollywood, sports, cartoon worlds, or any other area of interest.

K. Polette’s Poem

All Bruno wanted was…
to be a famous explorer of distant lands,
to build a tire swing with his hands,
to slide down banisters at lightning speed,
to be a good friend to someone in need.
But he didn’t want…
to cause chaos and make his father enraged,
to study geography and make an A,
to be called “Little Man” by someone despised,
to become a disappointment in his mother’s eyes.

Chaffin’s Poem

In the works!!

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