Bio-Poems: Meeting Elie

Tuesday in class, we listened to the first chapter of Night and met some important characters: Elie and Moshe the Beadle. We created a graphic organizer comparing Elie to “an average kid.” Then, we wrote a Night-Bio-poem[1]. See the attached instructions.

Today, we’ll assign Nook numbers and begin reading Night using the Nooks! Feel free to get your own paper copy if you’d like to “mark it up.” I really suggest you do this whenever possible when you’re reading a text in an English/Lit class! This is such a well-known book you can find a used copy for as little as 88-cents.

Today, we’ll also write a bio-poem for Elie, Moshe, or Chlomo, Elie’s dad. Some of you have your final drafts due of your argumentative essay (periods 3, 4, 5, and 7). Eighth-period, your final drafts are due tomorrow. Because this draft has already been teacher-edited, there’s no reason these shouldn’t be polished examples of your best work! One copy goes in my hand (your folder in the classroom); the other copy goes in the portfolio section of your binder.

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