Say it isn’t so!

So Lovelies,
It looks like we have another week-ish of testing ahead of us. We just wrapped up the Practice Georgia Writing Assessment, and the County requires we complete a Checkpoints Pre-Assessment for the year, in addition to the common assessments we already have on the schedule. So, here’s what the week is looking like:

Mon–Finish Differentiated Remediation and Essay/Reflections Work Time
Tues–Take Re-Assessment for Unit One, Essays Due, Complete Modified Essay (7th)
Wed–Begin Checkpoints Pre-Assessment
Thurs–Finish Checkpoints Pre-Assessment (if necessary *fingers crossed*)
Fri–One Book Wrap Up and Assembly, In-Class Socratic Seminar (our first one for points)

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be really glad when we can play some games, do some vocab skits, start our novel (you’re going to love it), have some discussions, role play, build things, film things, and otherwise have learning experiences. 🙂 Onward!

I promised I’d post the photo of our Binder Organization thus far. Remember: We’re building our own textbooks in our binders, so everything in it should be useful for you.

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