What does a good argument look like?

Today in class, students completed a series of rotations. In this case, all students completed all rotations.

1. Students had a bit of reading time/time to complete their first Literary Response Journal 2012. This is due Monday, September 10th.

2. Students looked at a passage with prepositions and identified them. Then, they looked at the same passage without prepositions and compared. What effect do prepositional phrases have on writing? They attemped to identify which prepositional phrases were functioning as adjectives and which were functining as adverbs.

3. Students provided feedback on some example persuasive essays from previous years (names removed, of course). Then, they scored them using a rubric. This rubric will be the one we use for our upcoming argumentative essay assignment.

4. Students created a Frayer Model for one of our vocabulary words. For those of you checking in on the website, here’s a perk: 2012 Vocabulary Enricher, first five weeks.

Here’s one more if you’re following the website. Last week, I told you there would be a “pop” notebook check this week. It’s tomorrow. Make sure your papers are in order. 🙂

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