What’s the Difference Between Effective Communication and . . .


Quite a bit, right? Today, we talked about the two parts of communication that students are responsible for: the message and the presentation.

In Advanced-TAG classes, we compared the bad speech video to a montage of good speech clips and brainstormed differences. Then, we focused on what a good message looks like, analyzing Twain’s “Two Ways of Seeing a River” essay. This was tough! We’re used to thinking about what words SAY, but we’re not as used to thinking about what words DO. We may back up and try this with a simpler text this week.

In my Media ELA class, we watched the bad speech video above and talked about message and presentation, only we’re starting with analysis of the presentation. We watched Channel One News and analyzed the presentation of the reporters. Students, get ready to BE the reporter! Now that we’ve checked out the presentation, we’re ready to analyze some messages.

Almost halfway through first quarter. 🙂


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