Fulton County Schools Becomes a Charter System

Fulton County Schools Becomes Charter System


On May 10, the Georgia Board of Education voted to make Fulton County Schools the state’s largest charter system.

“I could not be happier about this decision. As a lifetime educator, this is a game-changer,” said Superintendent Robert Avossa. “Being a charter system will provide our district more autonomy to do the things that can really increase student achievement and guide our continual improvement. Innovation will flourish while outcomes for our students will improve.”

Added Fulton School Board President Linda Schultz: “This is exciting for our parents, teachers, and community members. They have been a key part of the journey and being a charter system will give them more input and ownership in decision-making.” 

While many school systems, including Fulton, have charter schools under their management, charter status is granted to the system as a whole. Fulton will become a charter system – not a system of individual charter schools. Charter status for the entire district will allow more flexibility in operations, particularly among three main areas – people, instruction and finances.

Under the new charter model, local schools will have the flexibility to allocate resources in a targeted manner to better support student achievement. The model also supports curriculum innovation, such as how students receive instruction and how technology could be leveraged in the classroom. Financial flexibility will occur through the way resources within each local school are allocated and through waivers from state-mandated spending requirements.

“There is no more important mission for state and local governments than to ensure that every child has access to an educational system that meets their individualized needs and prepares them to succeed in our global 21st Century economy,” said Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, who created the charter system model in 2007. “I applaud the Fulton County School System, the countless community partners, the students, and the parents that came together to boldly embrace innovation and commit themselves to student achievement.”

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