Gone Tomorrow? Friday’s Tasks

Hi All,

If you’re out tomorrow for one of our few field trips, good luck to you! Here is what you’ll be missing:

1. We’re going to finish our poetry notes, answering the question: WHY do poets write poetry?
Intro to Poetry

2. We’re going to explore the really good poetry selections found in our textbook (yes, we have a textbook). 🙂 Here’s a link to the online textbook: Language Arts, Literature Bookhttp://my.hrw.com

8thUsername: 8thgrade8
8thPassword: excellence

If the textbook doesn’t work for you, see the links at the bottom of this post.

Your Job: Begin this activity.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

A Time to Talk/Frost
If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking/Dickinson
The Courage That My Mother Had/St. Vincent Millay
Legacy II/Quintana
The Secret Heart/Tristram Coffin
The Listeners/de la Mare
The Naming of Cats/Eliot
Paul Bunyan/Silverstein
The Cremation of Sam McGee/Service
Paul Revere’s Ride/Longfellow
Barbara Frietchie/Whittier
Casey at the Bat/Thayer
Oh Captain! My Captain!/Whitman **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**
Refugee in America/Hughes

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