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Presenting . . . Month Poems (All modeled after “September” by John Updike)


By A.V.

The breezes taste of tanning oil

The sun is blazing as I’m to boil

Popsicles and sand, just want the sun

We’re going to have a lot of fun

Cool water and the breeze

This summer is gonna be at ease

Hanging with friends

These shades need lenses

Just time to lurk

Gonna change this network

No time for school

Ignoring all the rules

Now I’m heading to the pier

Summer is finally here.



By M.S.

The warm air of

The Christmas sweets.

The timer dings.

The crunchy treats–

Quiet snow,

Crackling fire light,

Church bells ring,

What a cozy night!

Family time,

Chrildren whisper,

Yearning Santa,

Come quick, Mister!

Roasting turkey,

So take a seat,

And load your plate.

It’s time to eat!



By L.T.S.

The breezes taste

Of sea-salt air.

The ground is drenched

From wet feet bare.

The rain falls down and

Thunder claps.

While the girls sunbathe,

Boys swim laps.

Cold treats, warm air

The sun goes down

Fireworks burst

Deafening sound

The grass is green,

The bugs come out,

And life is great

There is no doubt.


All I Do Is Solve

Remember to be looking up your data for our systems of equations project! You will need it by Wednesday.

Gone Tomorrow? Friday’s Tasks

Hi All,

If you’re out tomorrow for one of our few field trips, good luck to you! Here is what you’ll be missing:

1. We’re going to finish our poetry notes, answering the question: WHY do poets write poetry?
Intro to Poetry

2. We’re going to explore the really good poetry selections found in our textbook (yes, we have a textbook). 🙂 Here’s a link to the online textbook: Language Arts, Literature Book

8thUsername: 8thgrade8
8thPassword: excellence

If the textbook doesn’t work for you, see the links at the bottom of this post.

Your Job: Begin this activity.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

A Time to Talk/Frost
If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking/Dickinson
The Courage That My Mother Had/St. Vincent Millay
Legacy II/Quintana
The Secret Heart/Tristram Coffin
The Listeners/de la Mare
The Naming of Cats/Eliot
Paul Bunyan/Silverstein
The Cremation of Sam McGee/Service
Paul Revere’s Ride/Longfellow
Barbara Frietchie/Whittier
Casey at the Bat/Thayer
Oh Captain! My Captain!/Whitman **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**
Refugee in America/Hughes


1-6 Midpoint and Distance

Friday, April 20th

Skip section 5:30 to 9:11.

Geometry Review

Here’s the link for the review in class today:


Poetry Quick Dip

It’s National Poetry Month!  Before we delve into our narrative/technical writing unit to finish off the year, we’re going to answer two major questions:  What is “inside” poetry?  Why do poets write poetry?


Your first (of two) poetry collections is due tomorrow.  We’re going to do a Poetry Pass, so make sure to come prepared.

Poetry Collection One Guidelines

Landscaping Day

Tomorrow, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. for any parents or students who would like to come help! 🙂