Extension on Lit Review Deadline?

Many have written and asked for an extension on the lit review deadline. Unless you have an extreme case (you were out for a week with extreme illness or something equally extreme), you may not have an extension.

I have already pushed up my deadline once.

This is our “practice” review and is worth half the points of our assessment version, which we’ll complete next.

We have had four hours of lab time in class to work on this assignment.

You may come in tomorrow morning, and I will sign a pass that will allow you to print your document.

This assignment is due at the beginning of class, paper-in-hand.

I am really proud of those of you who don’t have internet access at home and have taken the initiative to check out books from our school library and hand-write this assignment! That is gumption, perseverence, resourcefulness, creative problem solving, and ____find another great synonym on your own______. 😛

For those of you who chose to sit next to your buddy during our work time and are feeling the heat of the due date tonight, this is good practice for real life. 🙂 This *is* your real life.

I’m excited to read your reviews. I can’t wait to see how you dove in and answered your research question.

Your Teacher

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