Research: Good Quarterbacks do

Today, we launch our six-week unit on research.  Here are some things you should be able to do by the time we wrap up:

1.Read and understand the research of other experts.

2.Cite sources in your writing and on a “works cited” or “references” page.
3.Synthesize information.  That is:  Don’t just repeat what others have said; put it all together in your mind, and form your own opinions about what you read.
4.Use a variety of technology-based and printed resources to gather information and understand the pros and cons of all.
5.Understand the differences between primary and secondary sources, reliable and unreliable sources.
6.Present your research in a real-life mode.
So, what does this all have to do with quarterbacks, you ask?  🙂  Well, they research!  No matter what job you hope to do when you finish school, you will use research skills. 
Quarterbacks and coaches check out the strategies of the other teams, they take notes, and they form a plan of attack, synthesizing everything they know about their own team’s strengths and those of their opponents.
Lawyers and paralegals search through laws and court cases, looking for precedences set by other judges in other courtrooms.  They look for loopholes and strategize to win.
Surgeons look through journals to find cases in which other surgeons have saved lives by approaching a surgery in a new way, from a new angle.
Entrepreneurs, gas station attendants, cab drivers, painters, teachers … if we’re good at what we do, it is partially because of research skills, and those are the skills you will practice during this unit!  So, let’s not waste time; we have six weeks to prove that you can do all six of the tasks on my list.  We’ll do one per week, and we’re going to have fun doing it. 
So you tell me, are the QBs who research better leaders than those who don’t?  We’ll find out in February!  🙂

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