Welcome Back

Students and parents welcome back to your final semester of middle school! We have a great semester planned for you. Please see the welcome back letter below from our principal.

January 6, 2012


It is already January and we are once again back on the “Road to Excellence.”  Formative and summative assessments are constant – giving teachers the data necessary to plan for instruction.  Each and every day, your student works diligently to show mastery of specific Georgia Performance Standards.  Teachers communicate and collaborate daily in search of ways to help your student improve his/her student achievement.  Differentiation is utilized as a teaching strategy to meet the individual needs of every student.   I am so proud as I observe the academic success at Holcomb Bridge Middle School and the success of all students.

Your student is coming home using terms such as assessment, essential question, standards, mastery, ticket out the door, checkpoints and CRCT (Criterion Referenced Competency Test).  I want you to feel confident that your student understands what he/she is learning and why.  Checkpoints and common assessments are tools used to determine what your student knows and what we “ still need to work on” as we get closer and closer to the CRCT in April.  The CRCT assessment is built from Georgia Performance Standards and is designed to measure how well students acquire the skills in the different content areas.

In addition to academics – we strive to develop the whole child. Our “iCare” character education program constantly reinforces strategies for safety and strategies for good decision-making.  Anti-bullying is always first and foremost on our minds.

On January 17, 2012 at 1:30 pm the entire student population at Holcomb Bridge Middle School will have the opportunity to see the Isaac and Joseph Band incorporate music with an anti-bullying and anti-harassment message.  Our very own counselors, Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Milligan, have seen the production and anxiously anticipate the positive energy and enthusiasm being brought to our students.  It is gonna be great!!

Thank you again for a wonderful fall semester of partnership between you (the home) and us (the school).

Joy Schroerlucke

Your Partner and Your Principal

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