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Lit Reviews, Day Two

For those of you who like steps, here are Herbert’s Steps:
1. Find articles
2. Read Articles
3. Take notes: This might be between three and 20 bulleted points
4. Decide what your three “big ideas” are: What three “big ideas” or motifs are present in the articles?
5. Complete notecards
6. Stack notecards into “big idea” piles
7. Write introduction
8. Write sections

If you’re ready for it, here is Herb’s introduction and how he wrote it. You can use it as a model.
Lit Review Stage Two pdf

What is a lit review anyway?

According to UNC–Chapel Hill

An APA Example Review

Lit Review–Stage One–Document for Class

Good Morning, All!

Herbert is writing his lit review and completing his research project on Disney Princesses. His big “I wonder” was “I wonder why the Disney Princesses are so popular.” Thanks for the idea, BH. 🙂

Below, you’ll find his progress. First, he read his articles and took notes. In fact, he only has three articles so far. Then, he found three “motifs” or “big ideas” that are found in his articles. Third, he began creating notecards.

Today in the lab, we’ll work on our own cards and try to catch up with Herbert.

Click Here: Lit Review Stage One

If you were absent today . . . ELA

Hey All,

There is a bug going around, so there were a number of absences today. Remember, our goal was to have five articles about our “I wonder” topic collected by the end of class today. If you missed class today, you can go to this link and search for articles from home.


un: fultonmedi
pd: mediafulton

Tomorrow, we answer the question: What now? 🙂 Now that you have your articles, and you are starting to get a feeling for what the “experts” on your topic are chatting about, how can you organize this information into a literature review? How can you express your own thoughts on the topic now that you’re an expert? 🙂

Tomorrow, we’ll also sign up for presentation dates and go over the calendar for the next month. February is going to be a busy one!

Real Life Research Project Information

Please see attached.2012 Research Project

Have CRCT Questions?


Dinner Thursday

Dinner Thursday

You’re Invited — Thursday at 6:30

To Holcomb Bridge’s Night of Excellence (a blue invitation should come home with your child).


“Please join Holcomb Bridge Middle School in recognizing our students of EXCELLENCE. Students will be recognized for their achievements during first semester: for Principal’s Honor Roll, Honor Roll, VIP, Reflections, iCare, and various academic and extracurricular accolades.

We look forward to sharing this night of honor with our school community.”