Scottsboro and Gregory Peck

Dear Students and Parents,

We’ve been enjoying some wonderful monologue presentations! Students are working hard to use novel details and to includen their own perspective on the characters.

Some believe that Harper Lee shadowed her book after the events of her own life. When Harper Lee was Scout’s age, there was a huge case playing out in the media: the trials of the Scottsboro Boys.

For the next few days in class, we’re comparing the events of the trial in the novel to the details of the Scottsboro Case. We’re also considering how the producer chose to adapt this novel to film. Who would play Atticus if your generation remade this film?

Press On! We’ve got only a week until final exams!

Here’s your study guide (I passed it out in class, but just in case . . .): 2011 Fall Final Study Guide

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