Writing Assessment

Writing assessment began in 1840 when Horace Mann (an educational philosopher) demanded that written tests replace oral exams. Can you imagine if you had to SPEAK all of your answers to the teacher?

Writing assessment begain in the United States because the gurus of college admission wanted a way to decide who to accept. This quandry eventually led to the development of the SAT and other college entrance exams.

What does this have to do with YOU?

Well, writing exams have been shown to be good predictors of how well you’ll do in college.

It follows that the Georgia Writing Assessment, which is Georgia’s writing progress check-in, should be a pretty good predictor of how well you’ll do in advanced high school classes (ALL classes involve writing). It also gives some data to your future teachers about how well you respond to writing prompts in timed writing situations.

Our ACTUAL Georgia Writing Assessment is scheduled for JANUARY 18th, but we’re finishing our practice tomorrow.

Don’t worry, you’ll get feedback, and we’ll practice more.

Please remember: “Test Writing” is an important genre to master because in today’s “testy” world, it can determine placement for you in a number of real-life situations. We’re going to mesh “Test Writing” with other real-life genres and purposes for writing.

It’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward to the rest of our year. Here we are in WEEK TWELVE!

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