As much as we love bubble sheets, life is not multiple-choice

So, as much as we prepare for CRCT, we also prepare for real life! Today in class, we finished our annotated bibliographies (I’m sitting at *favorite coffee shop* working on grading them now) and we enjoyed a performance by a guest speaker (Socrates! See PPT: Socratic Seminar Intro )

According to Socrates, coming up with the QUESTIONS is harder and more important than finding the answers. After all, if you aren’t asking the questions, the answers can’t follow.

Tomorrow in class, you’ll participate in your first Socratic Seminar. The desks will be arranged in a circle. I will pose a question and YOU and your classmates will respond as you like. If the conversation wanders and leads you to ask more questions—all the better! Socrates would be proud. Here’s the reading for discussion: the republic

The best part about tomorrow? It’s *your* discussion! I will pose questions only as needed. I will be listening and evaluating the standards listed on your handout, but I will not add my thoughts, nor will I take over the direction of discussion.

I’m excited to see how you do! You were *born* for discussion, problem-solving, and questioning! Let’s see what you’ve got!

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