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Links for Purple Group—Differentiation Rotation Day

Infinitive Notes Link
Infinitive Practice Link

Bubbles and More Bubbles

This week, the schedule has been rearranged due to ITBS Testing. Because of the rearranged schedule, there are some classes I’ve seen every day and others I’ll only see twice!

Here’s what we’re getting to this week:

1. We’re getting ready to launch our video book reviews! Today, I showed some student examples from previous years.

2. We’re learning how to create beefy and bubbly planners. If you plan well, you CANNOT fail to be organized and overflowing with ideas when you write.

3. We’re working on examining example essays and determining how they rate–according to the State of Georgia. Can you get the State’s brain? I hope so! Let’s see if you can reach a level “5” or higher in each domain! If you can, not only will you blow the ceiling off the Georgia Writing Assessment, but you’ll be able to critique your own writing better.

“Don’t Give Up on College” Event at the Roswell Library

Don’t Give Up on College!
Learn how to choose appropriate college programs and financial aid solutions.

Monday, November 14, 2011
6:00 p.m.

Ages 11 and up. Parents encouraged to attend.
Reservations required.
Contact the adult reference desk to sign-up.

Free and open to the public.

115 Norcross Street
Roswell, Georgia 30075

Math 1 Classes

7th Period:

No quiz for you tomorrow, but you need to be studying!  We are not comfortable with this material yet.

8th Period:

Here are the links for your review:

Binomial Theorem

 Polynomial Division (numbers 1,2,3,8,13 only)

 Polynomial Multiplication

Addition/Subtraction Polynomials

Math 8 Classes

You were  assigned your first project on Tuesday.  It is due Friday, November 4th and will be a large contributor to your grade. Remember, you  have two and a half weeks to complete it and can come see me in the mornings or during lunch if you need some help.  This project will require the use of a higher powered calculator.  I have some available in the mornings or during lunch, or you may choose to go here: .

The Unit 2 retake is next Thursday after school.  Remember, if you’re  planning on retaking, you must have completed and scored at least an 80% on the remediation packet (Due Oct. 25).  You also need your permission form signed.

National Day on Writing

Today, we celebrated The National Day on Writing by talking about the power words can have and writing letters to soldiers.

Here’s how organizational structure can shape these: Ideas for Soldier Letters

Don’t forget, next week, we have an adjusted schedule for ITBS Testing.

Before the end of next week, we’ll master our giant essential question:

What is the difference between organized and disorganized writing?

Then, we’ll start talking about one of your strengths: IDEAS!

Annotated Bibliographies are Graded!

Sun, Oct 16, 2011 — Annotated Bibliographies are Graded!

You can view graded assignments from the “Tools>>View Grades” link from the course menu

If you think you turned in the assignment, but you don’t see a score, there are two possibilities:

1. You clicked “save” instead of “submit” when you tried to turn in your assignment. I can’t see it until you click “submit.”

2. You submitted your assignment through Digital Dropbox.