Good Job, Good Buddy! Using a “high five” that will really work.

Today, our essential questions were:

How can I post a teacher edit on Blackboard?


How can I give my peer feedback that is actually helpful?

The answer is with a combination of things. First, notice two things the writer did really well. Then, find three really specific things they could do to make their writing clearer, more interesting, more organized, more stylish, or more gramatically correct.

If writing is like a conversation, only usually you have to IMAGINE your reader’s response, then peer editing/revising is *genius* because it lets you in on an actual reader’s response. It’s like a secret weapon! So, use it, and use it often. 🙂

Tomorrow, we have our usual quiz, and we’re up to four roots:





I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the vocab skits!

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