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Finger Piano, Kenyan Linguist, Colombian Coffee, and a Sense of Humor

What do these four have in common? They represent just a hint of the diversity we have at this school. We are so lucky we get to have reading and writing communities with friends who have such different perspectives! We’re going to have such great discussions this year.

Here’s the syllabus hunt and study guide for the short quiz tomorrow:
Syllabus Hunt

Here’s a peek at next week:

Mon.– Intro to Response to Literature/More Heroic Reading
Tues.–Response to Lit. Rubrics, Exemplars, and Non-Exemplars
Wed.–READING DAY/Pick books and plan calendars
Thurs.–Semester One Pre-Test/Curriculum Night
Fri.–Black Board Day, Vocab & MLA Quiz on BB, Reading Discussion Groups on BB.

I’m looking forward to it!


What a great first week we have had!

This week in physical science we went through safety procedures and the  scientific method which is the steps taken in conducting an experiment.

Next week we will be going over scientific method, which we really study for the whole school year. Also the tools and the different types of measurement used with each piece of equipment .

I am planning an assessment next Friday, August 26th which will encompass chapter one in our book.

The on-line text-book is

username  8thgrade8

Password  excellence

Day Three–You, Me, and Procedures

Today, we shared our “culture objects” and talked about where we come from and what’s important in our families. We started practicing our reading procedure that we’ll use when reading in class for the rest of the year.

Day Two–You, Me, and Procedures


The first day was great! We’re going to have a good year. Here’s a link you’ll need in class today:


Today, we share our culture objects and learn our “Blackboard Day” procedures! I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s our warm-up link for the week:
Week One

Day One–You, Me, and Procedures

Welcome Back!  I’m excited to get started, and we have so much to accomplish this year!  By the time you leave for high school, you will have capped off your middle school career with your best writing yet.  You will have read at least one-million words, and you will have all the tools you need to start high school well.

This week, we’re focusing on procedures and getting to know one another.  We’ll have a few different “class routines” that we’ll practice this week:  Differentiation Day, Reading Day, Blackboard Day, and Writing Workshop. 

Here are links to the documents from Day One:

Fbook with Textboxes

Classroom FAQ


Welcome back to HBMS

Get ready for 8th grade social studies…Georgia Studies