From “Blah” to “Blam!”

Raft Writing Workshop

Today’s Essential Question:
How can I take almost any writing from “blah” to “BLAM!”?

RAFTT is a mneumonic writing tool that helps us consider everything we need to consider before we begin writing. Odds are, if you can’t tell your reader what your role is, who your audience is, or what your tone is . . . your reader can’t figure it out either!

So, RAFTT is a great tool! Say you have to write an essay about Lincoln. Kick it up a notch by writing the essay AS Lincoln. What would he say about the state of the world today?

RAFTT is helpful even with academic writing that allows for very little creativity. It helps you keep consider your audience, format, and tone, so you are sure you’ve addressed every part of the assignment or prompt. The handout above gives examples and practice with RAFTT.

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