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We have had a great beginning to this new school year. We just finished up scientific method and safety. We are starting chapter 2 “properties of matter”. The students should start looking at their notes on a daily basis even if no homework has been assigned. This will help them especially when they may have any questions about the content.

Upcoming Events

Just a reminder to check the Assessment Calendar.  We have many assessments coming up.  Next week, all math classes will be testing.  Stay tuned for help session announcements.  Study guides get handed out tomorrow.  These guides are an excellent preparation for your tests.  If you struggle to ccomplete these problems, please come see me!

From “Blah” to “Blam!”

Raft Writing Workshop

Today’s Essential Question:
How can I take almost any writing from “blah” to “BLAM!”?

RAFTT is a mneumonic writing tool that helps us consider everything we need to consider before we begin writing. Odds are, if you can’t tell your reader what your role is, who your audience is, or what your tone is . . . your reader can’t figure it out either!

So, RAFTT is a great tool! Say you have to write an essay about Lincoln. Kick it up a notch by writing the essay AS Lincoln. What would he say about the state of the world today?

RAFTT is helpful even with academic writing that allows for very little creativity. It helps you keep consider your audience, format, and tone, so you are sure you’ve addressed every part of the assignment or prompt. The handout above gives examples and practice with RAFTT.

Learning Communities

We loved having the chance to connect with those of you who made it to our first “Teams” Curriculum Night! We focus on Georgia Performance Standards, we focus on raising the bar to prepare kids for high school and beyond, but we also asked last night: What are YOUR learning priorities for your kids? We would love for the communication to go both ways!

I’ve pasted the results of our survey below, but for those of you who couldn’t make it or needed a little more time to consider the question, click “comment” below and add your comments. Per subject, what would you hope your child would walk away from 8th Grade with? I’ll adjust the wordles (Wordle) and re-post with everyone’s thoughts. 🙂

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We’ve had a great first week! I am so very impressed with the focus, motivation, determination, and ability of this group! You are all truly excellent.

As we gear up for week two, let’s continue to show mastery of classroom expectations, make keen observations about new topics, and add new math skills to those you have previously discovered.

Keep up the great work Discoverers!

Superheroes are afoot

Essential Questions Today:
What is a professional-level response-to-literature?
What is the difference between theme and author’s purpose?

I’m discovering more and more every day how well-prepared you are. My challenge as your teacher will be to keep you interested and keep you challenged! Tomorrow, we wrap up our response to literature differentiation practice activity, and I’ve got something fun in the works.

Think: Dancing with the Stars! Stay tuned!

Week Two Warm-Ups

Link for Class Today

Week One Quiz

When you finish, log in to Black Board and respond to the discussion thread! 🙂